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Are you a craigslist fan?
So are we.
After spending many hours on craigslist, running countless sophisticated searches, using tools and specialized search engines to go beyond simple searches, and even building our own tool to run multiple craigslist searches and monitor classifieds; we've created this small site to help others go beyond the "type and click" involved with craigslist's simple (and yet so powerful) user interface.


Search All of Craigslist

The most straightforward way to search craigslist across all locations is to use Google's advanced search features.
To make things simpler, we've built a small tool that let's you directly search all of craigslist via Google and find all ads posted in the last week, starting from the most recent ones.
We're also explaining how we did it - so you can expand on it if you need to.
>>> Search All of Craigslist

Craigslist Advanced Search: Syntax / Exclude

Can't find what you're looking for on craigslist with a simple search?
Craigslist offers some powerful advanced search features that you can use to find exactly what you need.
Our guide is intended to help you get familiar with this syntax and show you how to search for specific phrases in ads, how to exclude words from your results, and how to find ads that use variations of words
>>> Craigslist Advanced Search: Syntax / Exclude

Tools to Search Craigslist

There are a few tools that can make your life easier on craigslist - or simply allow you to get the deals you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.
We'll take a look at how to leverage craigslist's RSS feeds; what TinkOMatic can do for you; and how to use Google Alerts to get email alerts whenever the item you're looking for gets added to Craigslist.
>>> Tools to Search Craigslist

What does a Craigslist Scam look like, and What to Do about It?

Some users spend years on craigslist, selling and buying many great things, without ever running across a single scam. Unfortunately, there is also quite a bit of fraud activity going on on Craigslist.
We'll look into classic scams, and review ways of dealing with them.
>>> What does a Craigslist Scam look like, and What to Do about It?

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